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Date: June, 08 2021


Score : 81

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Points Deducted Food Safety Requirements Corrective Action Corrected during Inspection
3 7. Food and ice obtained from approved source; Food in good condition, safe, and unadulterated; parasite destruction All pre package food needs to be sold in original and sealed packaging No
3 9. Food Separated & protected, prevented during food preparation, storage, display, and tasting Cannot store spices open next to ant poison No
3 10. Food contact surfaces and Returnables ; Cleaned and Sanitized at _______ ppm/temperature Ice maker needs cleaning No
3 18. Toxic substances properly identified, stored and used Cannot store ant poison next to open salt No
2 28. Proper Date Marking and disposition Need to properly label and date food stored in non original container No
2 31. Adequate handwashing facilities: Accessible and properly supplied, used Hand washing sink needs to be fixed No
1 34. No Evidence of Insect contamination, rodent/other animals Flies in food prep area, rodent droppings by soda shelf No
1 36. Wiping Cloths; properly used and stored Unused wet rags need to be in sanitizer bucket No
1 39. Utensils, equipment, & linens; properly used, stored, dried, & handled/ In use utensils; properly used Need to use utensils with handle to scoop out food No

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