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Date: September, 16 2021


Score : 77

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Points Deducted Food Safety Requirements Corrective Action Corrected during Inspection
3 9. Food Separated & protected, prevented during food preparation, storage, display, and tasting Do not store foods directly on dirty floor No
3 18. Toxic substances properly identified, stored and used Cleaners need to be stored properly when not in use No
2 21. Person in charge present, demonstration of knowledge, and perform duties/ Certified Food Manager (CFM) Need CFM onsite No
2 22. Food Handler/ no unauthorized persons/ personnel No show of employee food handlers on site No
2 28. Proper Date Marking and disposition Make sure dates are on all pizza products No
2 29. Thermometers provided, accurate, and calibrated; Chemical/ Thermal test strips Missing thermometers in coolers No
2 31. Adequate handwashing facilities: Accessible and properly supplied, used Missing hand soap at hand washing station No
2 32. Food and Non-food Contact surfaces cleanable, properly designed, constructed, and used Coke shelves need to be cleaned and window ledges need to be cleaned also built up dust along all windows No
1 34. No Evidence of Insect contamination, rodent/other animals Gnats and roaches present need to call pest control No
1 37. Environmental contamination Need to store drinks above 6 inches No
1 42. Non-Food Contact surfaces clean Walls and counter near drink station full of dust No
1 45. Physical facilities installed, maintained, and clean Clean area in back near ice machine and clean ice machine too No
1 46. Toilet Facilities; properly constructed, supplied, and clean Missing soap in restrooms and covered trash can in women’s restroom No

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