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Date: October, 14 2021


Score : 77

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Points Deducted Food Safety Requirements Corrective Action Corrected during Inspection
3 2. Proper Cold Holding temperature (41 F/ 45 F) Sour cream at 55 degrees and cocktail sauce at 64 No
3 3. Proper Hot Holding temperature (135 F) Green beans at 104 No
3 10. Food contact surfaces and Returnables ; Cleaned and Sanitized at _______ ppm/temperature Need to replace cutting board. Dirty No
3 18. Toxic substances properly identified, stored and used Chemicals stored next to portion cups. No
2 21. Person in charge present, demonstration of knowledge, and perform duties/ Certified Food Manager (CFM) No licensed food manager on duty No
2 29. Thermometers provided, accurate, and calibrated; Chemical/ Thermal test strips Missing thermometer in refrigerator No
2 31. Adequate handwashing facilities: Accessible and properly supplied, used Dishes stored in hand wash sink at the bar. No
1 34. No Evidence of Insect contamination, rodent/other animals Flies in kitchen No
1 35. Personal Cleanliness/eating, drinking or tobacco use No watch allowed while preparing food. Employee needs a beard guard . Employee needs a hair restraint when preparing food No
1 39. Utensils, equipment, & linens; properly used, stored, dried, & handled/ In use utensils; properly used Need utensil with handle to portion Parmesan cheese. No
1 41.Original container labeling (Bulk Food) Label bulk container of sugar No
1 45. Physical facilities installed, maintained, and clean Replace missing ceiling tiles above dishwasher No

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