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Date: January, 19 2022


Score : 72

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Points Deducted Food Safety Requirements Corrective Action Corrected during Inspection
3 2. Proper Cold Holding temperature (41 F/ 45 F) Make sure buffet items are being kept at appropriate temperatures. No
3 3. Proper Hot Holding temperature (135 F) Make sure buffet items are being kept at appropriate temperatures. No
3 9. Food Separated & protected, prevented during food preparation, storage, display, and tasting Make sure food is not being stored on top of each other and is 6inches off the ground. No
3 14. Hands cleaned and properly washed/ Gloves used properly Make sure hands are being properly cleaned with soap and water. No
2 21. Person in charge present, demonstration of knowledge, and perform duties/ Certified Food Manager (CFM) Make sure a certified food manager is always present when cooking. No
2 22. Food Handler/ no unauthorized persons/ personnel Make sure cellphones are not being used on the line. Make sure hair restraints are being worn while in the kitchen. Make sure unapproved jewelry is not being worn in the kitchen. No
2 28. Proper Date Marking and disposition Make sure all food items are being appropriately dated and labeled once leaving original boxes and or been prepped. No
2 29. Thermometers provided, accurate, and calibrated; Chemical/ Thermal test strips Make sure all refrigeration units have thermometers. No
2 31. Adequate handwashing facilities: Accessible and properly supplied, used Make sure handwashing stations are properly stocked. No
2 32. Food and Non-food Contact surfaces cleanable, properly designed, constructed, and used Make sure the inside of all refrigeration units are cleaned. Clean grease from cooking area. No
1 35. Personal Cleanliness/eating, drinking or tobacco use Make sure no cigarettes are on the prep line. Make sure drink cups have lids. No
1 39. Utensils, equipment, & linens; properly used, stored, dried, & handled/ In use utensils; properly used Make sure scoop handles are not touching dry goods. No
1 41.Original container labeling (Bulk Food) Make sure all bulk bins are properly labeled. No
1 43. Adequate ventilation and lighting; designated areas used Make sure all lighting is properly shielded No

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